Camp Betty 2012 is sure to be a great time!

3 Jul

28 Jul

Movie Night Tonight!

7 Feb

The popcorn will be popping and the goodies will be set out. We’re going to settle in for a fun night watching Secretariat tonight at the Snow Betty Lodge at 6:30! Hope you can join. Feel free to bring a friend, and we’d suggest you bring a comfy lawn chair and maybe even and throw, just to get cozy!

Service Night at Hosea Youth Services

19 Jan

I just came back from a very informative meeting with Ken Harvey at Hosea Youth Services, a ministry that serves at risk youth, providing the basics with genuine love and friendship through which they are able to share the Gospel and often see lives changed. I am so excited for our evening serving this incredible ministry on Thursday, Feb 10. This promises to be an great night working side by side to bring encouragement to the staff and kids who are a part of Hosea. We’ll start out with an introduction from Ken who will tell us a bit more about Hosea and what services they offer and we’ll all get a better idea of the recurring needs they have, and who knows where that may lead! Then we’ll head to work…..

After talking with Ken, there are a few key projects that would really be of service to Hosea.

  • Painting A few of us will take on a painting job of the main entry hall and stairwell, the first place that the kids see. I told him that we’d provide the paint and the tools, so if you’re interested in helping to coordinate this project let me know!
  • Cleaning We’ll go through and sanitize doorknobs, handles, matresses, children’s toys etc. They are in need of donated wipes, sprays, paper towels etc. so I’ll go to Costco for some of these items, but I’d encourage everyone to pick up an extra lysol can or wipes next time you’re at the grocery store.
  • Organizing A group of gals will help organize the laundry room. There are some wood shelves that need to be cleaned and organized and we’d like to be able to stock them up with extra laundry supplies like detergent, dryer sheets, stain remover etc. So again, if you’re up for picking some stuff up at the store, please bring some with you that night.

There may be some other projects that we can cook up (literally) depending on how many gals sign up, so let us know if you plan to attend. It should be a really fun and encouraging night for all of us!

Snow Betty is coming!

12 Jan

This last summer, we had such an incredibly positive response from all of y’all about the Camp Betty events that some of the gals that helped to put the summer events on, put their heads together to bring some fun back this winter.

What we heard from women in response to the summer camp was that you appreciated how laid back and fun the events were, and how easy it was to attend. More importantly you enjoyed the opportunity to meet new women! It was so fun to see how the gym came alive a little more on those Sundays following camp as we all greeted new friends. Some of you invited friends to church after they had connected well at some of our events, a natural segue! And since last summer our church has grown and new women are joining all the time, this is a great opportunity for us to welcome them! With all of that in mind, here’s a challenge to us all this time around.

  1. Try to carve out at least one or two evenings attend. This only happens twice a year, so make the best of it!
  2. Consider inviting a neighbor or friend who you’ve thought of inviting to church but haven’t yet. All of these events are by design not churchy, but a great place to connect with women who love God!
  3. As you meet women at church or greet friends, invite them to join you at events or encourage them to attend. Sometimes there’s power in numbers, let friends know you’re going so they’ll be more inclined to take the time to try to connect themselves!

See you at Camp!



Recipes to download from the “Betty Crocker Class”

24 Jul

Hey ladies, if you were lucky enough to join Tonie for her cooking class, I’m jealous! If not, we can all still benefit from her experience! Here are the recipes from the class!

Oh my, I’m starving now.

Orzo with Parmesan cheese and garlic

Puttanesca style chicken

Warm salad with Pancetta

Yogurt Cake with Stewed Berry

The Grand Finale, The Betty-Ball-Bonfire

24 Jul

So you’re hear it called “The Betty Ball” and “The Betty Bonfire” and “The Whiz Bang Hootinanny”…well maybe not the last one, but you can be sure that our final party Sunday night will be a great time with new friends. Tonie has the fondue pots filled with yummy goodness, Summer has prepped the decorations with care, Katy has jumped on her tractor to mow the field and Brenda and I,  your Camp Counselors for the night, have some fun things planned as we celebrate our time at camp!

The dress code  is easy, bring your Camp Betty shirts or other Bonfire attire and make sure to bring some bug spray, lawn chairs or blankets!

Friends are welcome, so there’s no reason not to attend! See you tomorrow night at Katy Putnam’s place, 7:00! 31524 Coburg Bottom Loop Rd, Look for the big red house!

Can’t wait,